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October 30, 2018

Dear Family and Friends,

As many of you know we have been planning a trip to attend Sunday's graduation for some time. Just a few days before we were about to leave Peter ended up in the hospital after having a couple of heart attacks and having 3 stents placed in his artery we did leave for Kenya. We have just returned home a few days ago after a short, but intense trip to Kenya.  While it was a good trip, it was not without incident as you will soon see.

And we will post photos of our trip which we hope you will enjoy.

We went to Kenya, to attend the graduation from college of our "daughter" Sunday who graduated from the First Class with Honors from Catholic University of East Africa in Nairobi.

We left Seattle headed to Nairobi on October 16; our route Seattle, San Francisco, Paris, Nairobi.  Well, we arrived in Nairobi after nearly two days of flying, but one piece of luggage did not.  Where was it?  First we were told that it was being forwarded to Nairobi from Paris; then we were told that the bag was still in San Francisco; then it was being delivered to our hotel in Nairobi; then it was had arrived in Nairobi the night before; then there was no record of it; and on and on.  Finally, when we were at the Nairobi Airport, on the way back to Seattle, we were told that the bag had been sent back to our home and that it would be waiting for us there.  The truth:  it was indeed back at out house.  When we examined the luggage tags, we think that it was sent all the way to Nairobi and back again. The bag contained many gifts for Sunday as well as some of our clothes.

Anyway, on Friday, October 19th we watched Sunday graduate along with 2,200 others!  It was nice, and we were proud.  And so many thanks to those of you who helped us support Sunday for these past few years to enable her to attend college while also working full time.  She, and we are very appreciative.  We are very proud of you Sunday!!

On the Sunday after her graduation, we took Sunday to the Massai Mara for a safari.  While it is not that far in distance, it took nearly 7 hours to drive on a mostly unpaved, dusty, and bumpy road to get to the Oldarpoi Mara camp where we stayed for two nights and three days.  The very same road has not changed substantially since we went the first time.  The construction has been going on all of this time, but little to no progress.  I guess that if the government doesn't pay the Chinese contractors, not much happens.  Yup!!We were first there in 2009, and the same cook - Willie was still at the camp who gave us a very warm welcome back.  Actually, this was our third visit to Oldarpoi.

Saw lots of animals and beautiful scenery.  And for Sunday, an opportunity to see a part of her country that she had never experienced before, including a visit to a local Massai Village.  Oldarpoi, is in fact committed to supporting the local community, including providing shelter to young girls and women who are trying to escape FGM - Female Genital Mutilation.  Better for us to use Oldarpoi, than a more expensive safari camp which cost considerably more and goes into the pockets of rich business people without any benefit to the local Massai community.

We also spent time with some of Sunday's family, including sister Pam who we first got to know in Kisumu in 2009.  Very nice.

So, after a short 8 days, time to return home.  Our route back was better:  Nairobi, Amsterdam, Seattle.  After 3 hours or so in Amsterdam, we boarded our flight home.  Speeding down the runway, about to liftoff, we came to a screeching halt - plane shuddering, everyone pushed forward from the sudden stop.  What happened we all wondered until the Captain, announced that the airspeed indicator was not working and needed to be replaced.  Yes, there was one at the Amsterdam airport, but it took 3 hours to get it to the plane and installed.  So here we go again.  Full throttle and LIFT OFF!!  Lots of cheering.

But that's not all.  We got home and Hinda is sick.  High fever, diarrhea, chills, sweats.  Malaria?  Maybe.  But no.  Probably some bad food.

So we're back.  Just getting over jet lag and trying to make sense of the senseless killing  of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh. Our hearts are broken.  What's happening to our country?  Very sad and disturbing.

Our next trip is to Uganda in January to volunteer for 3 months.  See you then and there!

Hugs and love,

Peter and Hinda