Sunday, February 09, 2014

Herbert Today 19 or 20

Herbert Age 11 or 12

A Good Story

February 9, 2014
Seattle, Washington,  USA

In 2004 we went to Kampala, Uganda to volunteer with an NGO, (Reach Out) that among other things was assisting people who had AIDS or who were HIV Positive. 

They only worked with adults, but somehow there were two young boys who were clients.  One of them is named Herbert, and the other Ivan.  They were both about 11 or 12.

We first got involved with them because we were asked by the Director to get them a soccer ball (foot ball) and some other soccer things.

Both Herbert and Ivan were in school, and each needed help with school fees, uniforms, books, etc., and so we decided to help pay for those things.

Eventually Ivan moved back to the north of Kenya, and we eventually lost track of him, but we are still in touch with Herbert.

 Actually, more than just in touch, but very close to him.  We have visited with him several times, and have followed his progress in school, and as he has matured.  We have also gotten to know his mother who is also positive.  They support each other spiritually and emotionally.

Herbert was always a good student, at the top, or almost at the top of his class for the past 9 years or so, and even now.  By the way, Herbert is in college in Kampala.

We have all become very close. And we are still  helping him and happily so.

Here are a couple of nice stories about Herbert that will help explain how nice a guy he is.  In 2008 when we were in Kampala for the second time volunteering, this time with Kamokwya Christian Caring Community, we took Herbert to a local mall and told him that we wanted to buy him a gift.  We asked him what he wanted.  He wanted school text books and a bible!!

Just a month ago, I, Peter, saw Herbert again.  He is 19 or 20 and is attending the University.  He asked me if I wanted the receipts he has been saving all these years to show what he spent our money on.  Of course, I said, no we don't need them. We then were chatting and he told me that when we first met him and started to help him, that he really didn't understand what the help meant.  For him it was only money.  So he told me that now he understands how our help with his education has helped him grow up and that his passion - his word - was to find two boys who he does not know and who need the kind of help that we gave him, and help them.  WOW!!

Well, we feel good about helping Herbert. This is the kind of payback we love getting.  Helping someone get ahead and help themselves and improve their life is why we do so many of the things that we do.  We are very proud, humbled, and honored.

One more thing, Herbert needs a laptop for his college studies.  If anyone of you who reads this has a laptop in good working condition, we would appreciate your donating it to Herbert.  If anyone can really use one, it is Herbert.  Just let us know and we will get it to him.

Best regards,
Peter and Hinda