Friday, January 11, 2008

Change in Plans

January 11, 2008
Seattle, Washington, USA

Dear All,

It seems that there has been a slight change in plans for our upcoming volunteer trip to Africa. As you know, we were planning to go to Kisumu, Kenya on January 15, but in view of the violence there, both we and the AJWS felt it wiser to pospone going to Kenya, and so we are going to go to Kampala, Uganda on January 25. We will be working with KCCC: We are excited about going back to Kampala, (we were there in 2004, and seeing old friends again. The placement is a good one, and as soon as we get there you will be hearing from us. So to repeat some old sayings, "there's a silver lining in every cloud", and "all's well that ends well".

By the way, as an aside for those of you who follow and our interested in our photograph, we will only be doing digital phoography on this trip. As many of you know, digital has come a long way, and is at least as good, if not better in some cases as 35mm film. For you technophobes, Peter will shoot with both a a Canon G7 Pro Point and Shoot and a Nikon D200 DSLR, both at 10.1 megapixels, and Hinda with a 7 megapixel Canon Point and Shoot. Enjoy!

Peter and Hinda