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Blog 4 Kisumu Kenya

Blog 4
Kisumu, Kenya
November 8, 2011

Hi All,

Thought I would write a few words and send a couple of photos, so hope you are ready.

I have reached more than the half way point here on travel to Kisumu. I came on August 30, and will leave here on January 3rd, just in time to arrive home to my 51st Anniversary with Hinda who has taken the week off. Actually, she has been furloughed, but no matter, we will have a nice time together.

We are making plans for our next volunteer assignment. I have arranged something for us in Juba, South Sudan, and Hinda is also trying to arrange something for Ethiopia. That would be our first choice, but we will see what happens and let you know. In any case, we will probably go in the late spring of 2012.

A few days ago in a very heavy rain, I was on a motorbike with 3 others – a total of 4, getting drenched, the rain stinging our eyes, riding through mud on a cow path on the way to see a sugar cane shamba (farm). And these motor bikes are small as those of you who have traveled out of the US probably know. Twice, we had to get out and walk – once because the path was too muddy, and once because it was too steep.

Sugar cane farming is interesting. There are actually three harvests. Also, when sugar cane is planted, it is not planted vertically into the ground, but rather a sugar cane branch or shoot is laid down in a furrow horizontally, and then shoots come up.

As you can see from the accompanying photo, the building is getting higher, What you are looking at is the second floor wall on the part of the building that will only have 2 floors, and for sure, it will be done before I leave here. I am very pleased at the progress.

Also, the new Dental Clinic is doing fine. We had a part time dental professional, and now have a full time one, so things will get better and clients won’t have to wait so long to get treatment. “Most”, but not all of the equipment is working, but that is the way it is here. Hopefully, it will all work before long.

It has been raining almost every afternoon and evening – big time with lots of thunder and lightning, and if you think it is fun riding to work the next day on a motor bike through mud and pond size puddles, you are mistaken. I am just waiting the the bike to skid and fall, but my trust driver Dominick is really good. Right Hinda?

Check out the pony tail. What do you think? Everyone here likes it, and so do I by the way. Lots of people touch it every day. Kind of fun.

I have been doing a lot of cooking at home. Tonight am going to try to make stuffed cabbage. Am getting good at spaghetti and sausages with tomato sauce from scratch. Also French toast, mushrooms on toast, pancakes, milk shakes, and more. Want to come for dinner, lunch or breakfast? Make your reservations here.

Finally, before I leave, I am going to plant a Jacaranda tree here in honor of our 51st Anniversary. It is a great shade tree with beautiful purple blossoms. I have already planted a Flamboyant tree and an Apple Mango.

OK for now! Take care, and be well.