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Blog 2

Blog 2

Kisumu, Kenya

August 12, 2017

Hi Everyone!

Usually I try to write to you from the office, but now I am writing this from the safety of my house.  Why?  Because I am under house arrest.  Yup, for the last 8 days, most people have been forced to stay indoors because of the Presidential Election tension around the country, but especially here in Kisumu, the heart of the political opposition.

The election was Tuesday, August 8th, and last night, the winner was announced – the current president, but the opposition candidate is refusing to accept the results. Here in Kisumu, stores have been closed for nearly a week, and people are stocking up on food.  Actually, there is only one supermarket open in the entire city and it is nearly impossible to even get into it, and there is not much to buy anywhere.  KMET has been closed since August 4th.  Streets are deserted of people and traffic.  Everyone is frustrated and bored.  On Friday morning, we were told to come back to work, but 2 hours later we were all sent home again because of the fear of violence, but it didn’t happen.  But where I live it is very safe.  We are all hoping that the opposition candidate – Raila Odinga will make a statement asking everyone to be calm, but so far, he has not.  Maye today.  People need to shop, go out onto the streets, go back to work, etc.  There is so much fake news circulating.  Only Trump would like it.  Last night there were helicopters buzzing around and gunshots, but not near here.  Just heard that a very nice supermarket where I often go to shop was destroyed last night.  Why?  Senseless!  Tribalism?  Politics?  It only hurts the people who have the most to lose.

Well, there are other things to tell you about too.

Next door to my house there are 5 large dogs who howl loudly several times a day that it is not even possible to talk on the phone or even to someone in the house.  The owner of the dogs promises to keep them quiet.  I guess you can tell the dogs to keep quiet, but you can’t stop them from barking or howling.

So many of my colleagues from work calling and checking on me to make sure I am safe.  Nice people.  I was even driven home on Friday morning with a “body guard”.  Thanks Monica and KMET.  You are taking very good care of me and I appreciate it.  I only wish we could all get back to work and do our jobs.  Hope by Monday.

There is an interesting program that KMET is involved in called MTIBA.  It is a health care investment plan where anyone can put money into a health account and use it for treatment for anyone in their family.  For each 100 Kenyan Shillings per month that you put in, the investors of the project add another 50 shillings, thus there is a very large incentive to save for you and your family’s health care.  It is a 5-year project.  In each locale, there are several health care facilities to choose from including KMET.

Since I know that many of you know what is going on here with the elections and the fear of violence, this is short only to let you know that I am ok and safe, and well taken care of and am not taking any chances.  Have lots of food and water.  I’m ok.